Every professional in any area of work must write documents, but if you have to do it in English, this simple task can be complicated if you do not master the language.

We know that writing in another language can be difficult, and more in the professional area. But calm! Here we leave some tips so you can write in English without problems:

1. Think in English

One of the things that will most help you to write in English successfully is to think in this language. In this way you will avoid translating the words from Spanish to English and you will be able to obtain a more natural and fluent text. To achieve this, it is very important that you apply the point explained above, since reading in English will allow you to familiarize yourself with the language, to the point where you end up thinking about it.

This will not only bring you benefits at the time of writing, but it will also make your conversations more fluid.

2. Make a scheme

I wrote some phrases in English that help you organize the structure of the text, the ideas, and give it coherence.

To build the scheme, you can ask yourself a few questions and answer them.

3. Introduction

It is important that in the introduction you explain to the reader the reason why you send this document, so you can start with one of these phrases:

In order to explain the idea of the new project (…) → With the purpose of explaining the idea of the new project (…)

The objective of this report is to inform (…) → The purpose of this report is to inform (…)

4. Use a formal language

As it is a working document, you have to use a formal language, so it is important that you know this type of vocabulary. Let’s see some formal words in English:

  • Establish = Set.
  • Required = Required
  • Acceptable = Acceptable.

5. I learned new vocabulary

Investigate vocabulary related to the topic to be dealt with in the document. For example, if the text is from the administration area, I learned terms like:

  • Budget
  • Earnings
  • Financial statement

6. Use of connectors

To achieve fluency in the text and promote easy reading, use connectors such as:

Furthermore: Used at the beginning of a sentence to add extra information.

For example: Furthermore, we achieved our goals this month and increased our revenue.

On the other hand: Use this phrase to give a second opinion or change the subject.

For example: The new project is very attractive. On the other hand, it will be too expensive.

Even though: This connector means “though” or “even though” in Spanish.

For example: We had some difficulties during the conference, even though it was a success.


7. Care for grammar

I learned the verb tenses and how to conjugate the verbs correctly:

Present past

Write (write) Wrote

Work (work) Worked

Approve (approve) Approved

Use of adjectives and adverbs correctly:

Adverbs: honestly (honestly), technically (technically)

Adjectives: helpful (useful), thankful (grateful)

Consider the grammatical exceptions:

Some nouns act like verbs, like “texting”.

The article “the” is not used with country names, except: The United States, The Netherlands, among others.


Finish the document with a conclusion, that is, summarize your final opinion with respect to what was mentioned earlier in the text. You can use any of these phrases:

  • All things considered .. → Taking everything into account ..
  • Finally .. → Finally ..

Above all, it seems relevant to remember that … → Above all, it is pertinent to remember that …

9. Review

Do not send the document without checking it before. In this way, you will avoid sending a text with errors. Incorporate rhythm, emphasize highlights and always remember that formality is essential.

A good spelling is the mainstay of any text. You may have written brilliant content, but if the spelling is not good, you lose the interest of the reader and even your credibility.

Expanding your vocabulary and improving the grammar of English will help you to write documents, improve your reading comprehension and have conversations with people from any part of the world.

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