Learning to write in English can be a slow and frustrating process. This is because every time you think you wrote a text perfectly, someone comes along and points out an error. But, before you drop the pencil and throw the notebooks out the window, take a deep breath and consider this:

First, you’re probably better at writing than you think. If those people who are reading what you wrote in English understand what you mean, so the grammar and writing is not perfect, you’re already halfway there. Second, you will be surprised to learn how many native English speakers have problems with writing and make many mistakes.

This is why we want to give you some tips that will help make this process less frustrating and more effective.

1. Read everything you can

Nowadays, there is a lot of interesting content online that you can read, you just have to make sure you look for texts from reliable sources that are well written. Also, you can expand your reading sources and read newspapers, magazines, brochures, reports and any other material that you find interesting.

Reading will help you gain a broader understanding of grammar, help you study the structure of sentences and learn vocabulary typical of culture. When you find words or expressions that you do not understand, underline and search once you have finished your reading session.

2. Participate in chats and forums

The key to perfecting your English skills is learning to think in English. This will help you write better and faster. Chat rooms and forums force you to think about the language.

This dynamic environment brings together English speakers in one place, providing the perfect platform for you to improve your writing and speaking skills.

3. Be careful with the idioms

It is always fun to learn vocabulary of informal use in English, to understand the casual conversations that occur between friends, young people, etc. But, you must be careful when using it, since not all those words and expressions can be used in any situation.

In addition, this type of vocabulary can also vary depending on the country in which you are. For example, there are typical expressions in American English that are not used in British English.

4. I learned the use of punctuation marks

This is very important to make you understand in any language. The rules of use of punctuation marks may vary depending on the language, as it is in the case of Spanish and English.

5. Start a personal blog

If you are from people who like to share their lifestyle with people, this will be perfect for you. The idea of this is not that you become a famous blogger, but that you challenge yourself and take confidence to use your writing skills in English.

A personal blog will give you a platform to use newly discovered words and expressions and to express your thoughts and opinions on topics that interest you. Do not worry, nobody will judge your grammatical defects in a personal blog. In any case, people will be impressed by your efforts.

6. Create a personal dictionary

This is very easy to do and it will be very helpful to improve your writing skills. Writing irregular verbs, idiomatic expressions, technical words and any other new word you find will help you learn them better than any other dictionary you find. No matter how efficient the digital world is, when it comes to learning, there is nothing better than writing to remember the new content in the future.

7. Find a personal tutor

There is no better way to advance your English writing skills than revising your work with a native English speaker. So, if you know a teacher or another person who has a high level of English, do not miss the opportunity to help you correct your grammar, writing, tone and style of your text.

8. Take advantage of online resources

There are several online resources that can help you when searching for the meaning, script or even a synonym or antonym of a word that you are going to include in your text. Here we leave some pages that you can use:

SpellCheckOnline.com – This is a spell checker and is very useful to quickly review a text.

WordReference.com – This is a reliable dictionary that helps you translate words from English into Spanish and vice versa.

OxfordDictionaries.com – Another reliable dictionary, which is also a good place to learn to write through games.

By applying these tips on a daily basis, you will be able to write in English successfully. Remember that perseverance and dedication are key factors to achieve a good learning of English.

If you are looking for a course that keeps you motivated with your learning, Wall Street English is perfect for you. You will be able to make the most of each stage of your learning process, in addition to always having the support of our native English teachers.

This course combines two teaching methods, the natural approach, which is based on the conviction that the process of learning a second language is similar to the acquisition of the first, and the blended learning method that aims at teaching that combines the interaction with our teachers and the use of technology. This is why you will learn English in a completely different way to the methods that you should already know from experience.

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