Having a good writing in English will allow you to write from formal documents, to chat informally with your friends. However, although writing is one of the most important skills in this language, it is one of the most difficult to achieve.

If you just found yourself learning this language, surely just thinking about learning to write in English gives you a headache. This is because you are not yet so familiar with the language, but with a little practice you can achieve it. Remember that nothing is impossible. In order to facilitate this process, we have created a list of tips that will help you.

Tips to succeed in writing in English

1. Read in English

In order to write well in English, the first thing you should do is forget about the structures of Spanish, as these are the ones that come to mind at the moment we want to start writing.

This can be achieved by reading in English. Reading in this language allows you to learn new grammatical structures, words and expressions, as well as help you to substitute the syntax of Spanish for English.

The more you read, the language will become more familiar and you will be able to write in English more easily. If you do not know which book to start with, here is a list of the best books to read in English.

2. Think in English

One of the things that will most help you to write in English successfully is to think in this language. In this way you will avoid translating the words from Spanish to English and you will be able to obtain a more natural and fluent text. To achieve this, it is very important that you apply the point explained above, since reading in English will allow you to familiarize yourself with the language, to the point where you end up thinking about it.

This will not only bring you benefits at the time of writing, but it will also make your conversations more fluid.

3. Revise the vocabulary

Think of the type of text you want to write and look for related vocabulary that you can include in it. With this you must also take into account whether it will be something formal or informal, since it is best to use the vocabulary used to adjust to the best of each situation.

Remember that the more vocabulary you know, the easier and smoother the writing will be.

4. Study the grammar rules

So that you can write in English in a coherent way, you should review the grammar rules that make up this language, since these are very different from those of the Spanish language.

Knowing the grammatical structures will help you to locate your ideas according to the time in which you write, write the sentences with the correct order of the words and apply the punctuation correctly.

5. I built simple sentences

If you have just started writing in English, it is recommended that you start writing short and simple sentences. Remember that in order to understand complex structures, you must first start with the basics.

Start using the most basic grammatical structures, such as the simple present, and once you successfully understand the use of this time, you can continue with the simple past and so on until you get to more complex structures such as perfect times.

6. Listen to English

It often happens that we say the word in English, but we do not know how to write it. A good exercise to associate the pronunciation of words with your writing, is listening to the language as much as you can. You can do this by watching your favorite shows in English with subtitles in that language, listening and singing your favorite songs and reading aloud.

By applying these tips on a daily basis, you will be able to write in English successfully. Remember that perseverance and dedication are key factors to achieve a good learning of English.

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